Thursday, May 18, 2006

wandering bath

i like the post title... it brings visions of an old claw-footed tub toddling aimlessly about, doesn't it? anyhow, welcome to my official 100th post! ah, and it seems like just yesterday that i wrote post #1. but, here we are, a mite bit jet lagged still, after 3 days. for some reason i still want to nod off early, and my eyes have been popping open by 5 am.

have a wander around bath, somerset, uk as we did on may 9th. i'll show more specific photos in different posts.
walking across the bridge into town we had a view of the avon & kennet canal as well as the pulteney bridge. many days we walked along the canal into town.

a lovely cityscape in bath on a lovely day.

chimneys of the many many bath-stone georgian townhouses you see throughout the town.

just a pretty gate on pulteney street.


Lotus Reads said...

Love the pictures, how quaint everything is! And yes, there is nothing quite like an English garden, so pretty.

Susan in Italy said...

Oh, no now this much too majestic to be cute.