Friday, May 19, 2006


early on the morning of may 10th, t and i boarded the minibus that would take us to stonehenge. we were initially supposed to take a full-day tour of glastonbury and wells with scarper tours (and i was REALLY looking forward to it) but due to lack of interest, that tour was cancelled. the kind folks at the tour company offered to take us to stonehenge for free, and although neither of us really cared to see it, we accepted the generous offer and figured that we could put a big CHECK next to STONEHENGE in our lifelong THINGS TO SEE list.
the trip there was about an hour. the tour guide, simon, reminded me of our son, as he said his "th" sound as an "f" or a "v" as in "nuffing" instead of "nothing." we passed over the hills surrounding bath into the wiltshire plain. everywhere were fields of green and an almost blinding neon yellow. we asked what these crops were, and were told that they were "oil-seed rape" or what we call rapeseed, and it is used for canola oil and margarine. we were also told that these fields turn a dismal brown color for the entire summer.
stonehenge was cool, we got to wander around it for an hour, which was really too long. i was surprised by how close you could get, and what panoramic unadulterated views you could get, even with all the people milling about. the best part was getting trinkets for the kids in the gift shop, and i was right... they loved them. while we were gone, they had even watched a special on stonehenge, and h learned more about it than i did!

after the tour we had the whole rest of a sunny day to explore bath some more.

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