Saturday, May 27, 2006

a little more england

on the remainder of our cotswolds tour, we went to bibury which had the lovely row of cottages shown above, and a nice coffee house and gift shop. i bought my one souvenir there... a used roof tile of cotswold stone. there was a pile of them in a cardboard box, with ants crawling all among them. the sign said 3 pounds, and i felt that an authentic piece of england would remind me of our trip, and the price was a steal. every time i see the stone in our home it reminds me of the idyliic little villages in the english countryside. really!

we saw many lovely churches and intriguing graveyards. many of the gravestones were unreadable, the text washed away by years of wind and rain.

for lunch we went to a touristy little town called bourton-on-the-water which had a shallow river and small footbriges, and plenty of green space amid the shopping. great place to have lunch and get trinkets for the kids, but far too commercial for my taste.

our last stop was upper and lower slaughter which was full of sheep! and slaughter apparently did not refer to the sheep, but to the muddy landscape. we wandered from upper to lower slaughter, watching the baby sheep bleating for their mamas. jane (our border collie) would have been in dog heaven! i wish we could have a few sheep here just to keep her busy. alas, our neighborhood covenants allow for horses, but no livestock of any kind.

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