Monday, May 01, 2006

mommy goes to first grade

today i had some end-of-year business to hash out at school with the pta president and the principal of h's school, so of course i had to have lunch with him and his first grade class before the meeting. i got him burger king and brought it to school, which helped not only his cool quotient, but also mine. i can be cool that way, really!

so i sat and listened to all the little first grade stories, stories about being 6 and 7 years old. i heard loads of little brother/ little sister stories, and a bunch about playstations, xboxes, and other assorted video game consoles. the kid that took the cake... and REALLY wanted to SHARE with me was the hunter's son. he peppered me with questions... "what kind of gun does h's dad have?" (um, a paintball gun? and some replicas?), "does h hunt with his dad?" (um, no?), "how many guns does h's dad have?" (um, i already answered that question?), and "how many deer has h's dad killed?" (um, none?). he graciously offered for h to go hunting with him and his dad, after all, it's mostly just looking around at nature and all. unless he and his brother try to hit targets with their matching guns, that is. my little h screwed up his face and said, "shoot deer? to KILL them? ummm... i don't think i want to go."

i had visions in my head of j wearing her fur coat and toting her shotgun through the woods, looking not unlike annie oakley in her heyday.

but i digress. i look over at h, and he is furiously pushing his loose tooth around with his tongue, displaying a grisly section of bloody nerve and gum tissue. it's a good thing i hadn't eaten the school lunch, 'cause i may have hurled. seth, across the table, says just this: "if you pull out your tooth at the lunch table, i'm gonna PUKE!" this makes h work all the more diligently on the tooth, but alas, by the time lunch ended, he still was not successful at extraction.

first thing he says when he gets off the bus?? you guessed it... "I LOST MY TOOTH!" but all i wanna know is... did seth barf?

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