Saturday, May 20, 2006


i'll take a quick break from my travelogue to insert the story of our morning. and i hadn't even gotten to the photos of the cotswolds yet!

as you can guess by the photos, it was recital day today. the studio we attend doesn't make a huge production of it... no $100 costumes to buy or $60 performance fees. just kids dancing and having fun.

the production was a 27 minute rendition of 'hansel and gretel' and featured our daughter as a bunny (left) and our son as a blackbird (below). he was the ONLY BOY in the entire thing, and it didn't faze him even a bit.

the dancing was so cute it made me laugh until i had tears in my eyes... watching these little critters tromping about the stage, mostly cluelessly. utterly precious.

but thank god we don't have to do it again until next year. whew!


J said...

BEAUTIFUL. And I love that they didn't have crazy expensive costumes, either. Much less stress for everyone.

Mr. L said...

MORE green...hmmph...I need to get these people to come fix my front yard!! :)