Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas morning

i'm a little late posting the christmas morning photos, mostly because i'm overwhelmed with mess! also, blogger was being testy, then s got pneumonia. i am SO SICK of the doctor's office, i can't even tell you. and i didn't even blog about t's trip there last week which darn near resulted in one-way ambulance trip to the hospital. hopefully everyone is really, truly, FINALLY on the road to recovery (except me, i'm fine).

christmas photos never look so great, but it's the nostalgia that keeps me taking them year after year. luckily, only the back of my head made it into a few photos. photo avoidance is critical.

here is my sweet boy on christmas morning, perusing the gi joe sigma 6 toy he got from grandma & papa. his gift from santa was a razor scooter (faintly visible behind his head), but he got loads of books and action figures, too.
above: i'm just surveying the mess from on high...

girlfriend was ecstatic over diego's animal rescue center. a little babyish for her, but she has a crush on diego. not to mention that she loves animals.

santa brought her the blonde american girl doll; the dark haired one (samantha) is mine. ALL MINE! AND I'M NOT SHARING! no, really. s wanted all the native american accoutrements for the doll, but wanted the doll to have blonde hair and blue eyes like her. no problem. we did extensive research for an appropriate name, and dubbed the doll "kaliska" which means 'coyote hunting deer' in miwok. clever!

altogether we had fun. i got nice new clothes, and t got an xbox 360. but christmas isn't so much about us adults now, is it?

hope yours was fun, too.


beenzzz said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. What great toys!!! I hope everyone get better soon. No fun that s has pneumonia. What a bummer!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. And I love the doll's name. Very clever of you. Kaliska would make a good name for a blog, too!

Ally Bean said...

Okay, something is wrong with my Blogger comment name. That was me before. I hope that this comment goes through with the connection to my profile.

Sorry to bother you. :-)

hellomelissa said...

beenzzz- s is MUCH better even after one day.

ally bean-- in the immortal words of pooh bear..."oh, bother." you're not bothering me, silly! there were so many cool native american names, but i REALLY like the one she picked. i think it was mostly because of the meaning... she's really into wolves and coyotes right now.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, look at all those great toys!!! Makes me nostalgic for the time I would make trips to Chicago to pick up American Dolls for the girls - now all they seem to want are gift cards and cash! So sorry S.'s cold turned into pneumonia, but glad she's on the mend.

Oooo, new clothes and an xbox60! Santa's been good to you, Melissa! :)