Tuesday, December 05, 2006

comfort food

when your mind wanders, do you ever ask yourself those "what if" questions? as in, what if i went back to school, what would i study? or what if i opened a store, what kind of store would it be? how would it be decorated? what products would i carry?

the entrepreneurial part of me is thriving, however i don't have the drive to be a small business owner, and dreaming is all i am able to do. the main ponderings i do are about restaurants, and what kind i would open.

after years of careful daydreaming, i have decided that i would open a restaurant called "comfort food" (and yes, i was born a cancer). the decorations would be warm colors, woods and plushes. a couple of roaring fires would invite folks to eat their dinners on easy chairs at a coffee table. it would be small and quaint so as to reduce hustle and bustle, and would smell like mom roasting turkey and baking apple pie at the same time.

the menu would serve breakfast all day. breakfast is one of my favorite comfort foods. eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, benedict... you name it. all day. a fully stocked oatmeal/grits/cream of wheat bar would be in place where you could choose your own toppings for stirring in. lunches would be mostly creamy soups and thick stews (not from a can) with buttery biscuits and a selection of hot teas... infused of course, no teabags.

dinner would feature bubbly casseroles and sauteed vegetables... primarily squashes and such. roast beef or turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy would always be available. my favorite idea would be that patrons could request THEIR OWN comfort foods from the chef. if the idea is chosen, it would be a special of the week for everyone to try... maybe to become a comfort food for them, too!

dessert would be a focus on pies and puddings. possibly apple, pecan and pumpkin pie, a cheesecake thrown in for good measure, with bread pudding and rice pudding as staples.

i know it's a brief description (must wake children. must shower. must go to dentist), but what do YOU think? what would YOU want to see at a restaurant that featured comfort food? which foods do you turn to? it's easier to ponder with the weather outside being frightful and all... :)


Lotus Reads said...

Ooooooh, comfort food, what a wonderful thing to ponder, Melissa! Just the name "Comfort Food" would draw me like a magnet to your restaurant - there's something so warm,safe and satisfying about those words.

My comfort food? Anything my mom made often when I was growing up - meatball stew, roast chicken, various curries...

Great concept - I think you could go far with this one, Melissa.

I also have to get the kids to school, but I will be back to read comments and comment some more!

beenzzz said...

I love your idea for a comfort food restaurant. I would be your #1 patron too. This time of the year really makes me crave comfort food.

maryfran said...

Anything chocolate!! That is my very first thought. I laughed out loud at the thought of a cream of wheat bar - but you always liked your screamin' eats.

It all sounds good. If I weren't sipping on a cappucino right now, maybe I could come up with some other thoughts.

booklogged said...

What do I thinkg?! I'm starving and ready for some comfort food. When does that restaurant open? Since it's winter I'm in the mood for some cream soup - cream of aspargus sounds delightful. And homemade biscuits with real butter. Melissa, you are talking my language!

Susan in Italy said...

What a great thought for such a bone-chilly day (it's been drizzling for 3 days now here...) I'd go for a comfy couch, some hot black tea and a book right about now, but for food? Scotch Broth (a thick lamb and barley soup with loads of veggies!)and a slice of Irish soda bread.

Beth said...

Chocolate ice cream and french fries! Salty, sweet, cold, warm, and creamy in one bite! Ymmmm....

hellomelissa said...

thanks, all, for helping the idea to evolve in my imagination.

lotus! there would be a coconut curry stew on the permanent menu, absolutely!

beenzzz! i'm glad i have loyal customers in my imagination.

mom! of course, chocolate would be available as a main couse, as well as hot cocoa... and... CAPUCCINO! but not the gas-station kind that you prefer :) hee hee!

booklogged! creamy soups! yesssss! a favorite of mine is cream of carrot; they made the BEST at a cafe called city hall coffee shop in montrose, ca. i got fat living near that place!

susan! i love barley in soups, too. my friend benny makes a chicken soup with parsnips and barley that he purees... mmm... and a crusty soda bread would be a great compliment... slathered in butter, of course, as suggested by booklogged.

beth! now i know why you named your dog wendy and it wasn't for peter pan. it was for the frosty/fry combination at wendy's! i share your love for that sweet/sour treat... perfect for pms.

Angela in Europe said...

I could have written that post. Except I want (would if I had the umpfh) have to two, one called "A touch of Class" and one called "A touch of Country." I would do it to the umteenth power. A touch of class would have linen and real silverware with a reservation list a mile long and Country would have peanuts on the floor.