Wednesday, December 13, 2006

hot diggity blog ziggety

this morning while i was sleeping, jane the wonder dog started whining at h's bedroom door.

"stop whining!" i told her. "it's not time to get up yet."

i rolled over and looked at the clock. it was 6:30, the time i get h up and dressed. i had forgotten to set my alarm.

needless to say, janey was treated like a queen today, as if she wasn't every day.


Nessie said...

Our family dog, Blackie, had the same look of your dog. Black with a white paw and a white line in the middle of his face. He lived to be 19 years old! His little things have helped us so much - in the way he acted as an alarm clock in the morning or saving my cousin from falling down the stairs by blocking the entrance with his own body - that you wonder understand the phrase man(kind)'s best friend...

Love your pic too.

beenzzz said...

Pets are wonderful for that! Our cat Izzie comes in every morning at 5:55 am and wakes us up. The alarm is set for 6:00 am. However, this isn't cute on the weekends. Your dog deserves lots of treats today. :)

Lotus Reads said...

Ohhh, I miss not having a pet!!! Janey is truly a wonder dog, give her an extra rub behind the ears for me!

Angela in Europe said...

She does look rather smug in that picture.

By the way, I have a somewhat original/completely tourist package to send you when I get home.

J said...

Good Girl, Janey, Good Girl! *Pat doggie on head*

hellomelissa said...

nessie-- hello and welcome! i'm so glad your dog lived to be 19... i'm hoping jane lasts that long because she is the apple of my eye. blackie sounds as wonderfully helpful as my baby jane. what kind of dog was he?

beenzzz-- my mom's cat woke her at 5:30 for years before he passed away this past spring. in a way, i think she misses it!

lotus-- do i detect doggie envy? is it time for you, too?

angela-- she is actually much more sheepish than smug. interesting attribute given that border collies are natural sheep herders! always wanting to please her mommy is my jane.

j-- jane and genevieve would be good friends, wouldn't they?