Friday, December 22, 2006

you look so cute in that hat!

i promise no more kitten photos after this. they are still a novelty, and SO DARN CUTE. they curled up today in h's "samurai jack" hat and my cowgirl hat. awwwww! just like a cheesy cat calendar!then orion curled up in the boughs of the christmas tree. more kitty calendar cheesiness! fun for everyone! now that you're all thoroughly sick to your stomachs, you can join t and s in their vomit-fest. h is only hacking up a lung. me?? i'm just fine, thanks, after 52 1/2 loads of laundry.


booklogged said...

Oh, Melissa, I hope everyone gets better for Christmas. And you need to stary healthy - who else is going to do the laundry?!

Merry Christmas!

Angela in Europe said...

Take your vitamins! By the way, you saying you are a "cat person" was the understatement of the year! They are very pretty though; their faces are very lean. I like that.

Lotus Reads said...

Awww, the pictures are the cutest, Melissa!

This seems to be the season for cats/kittens! My neighbor has a new cat, too, he's a handsome guy with big blue eyes and they call him Prince. When I first saw Prince I thought he was a Persian Cat (my knowledge of cats is woefully lacking) but they tell me is breed is called a ragdoll!?!

Melissa, I want to wish you and the family a very joyous Christmas---may you know lots of love, peace, fun and laughter!

Look after yourself,

*Love and hugs*

hellomelissa said...

booklogged-- t is mostly better, s is pretty good, and h is still feelin' punky. we'll have a nice christmas regardless. and all the laundry is DONE!

angela-- okay, so i got carried away with the kitten photos. i promise no more. but they are really cute, huh?

lotus-- yeah, loads of my friends have gotten kittens, and it just intensified my hankering. i haven't had a kitten in 10 years! i forgotten how joyful they are.