Saturday, December 16, 2006

white russian

i was looking for an alcoholic adventure in my nearly-bare liquor cabinet this evening, and came across my almost-empty bottle of kahlua. ah HAH! that's it! it had been awhile since i mixed up a white russian. although it's been incredibly and gorgeously warm here (68-70 during the day) i still want a small taste of the season, and what better than this drink.

first, take a real klassy tumbler like my 'tom and jerry' jelly jar (surf's up!) and add the following, in this order:

crushed ice
1 shot vodka
1 shot kahlua (or bailey's)
and top it with milk or cream.

or eggnog if you're feeling REALLY festive, but i will not endorse the final product as i've never tried it.

you can either stir it or drink it as-is, it's simply delectable. like ice cream for grownups. just don't tell anyone i'm a grownup, k? i'm still in denial.

happy sipping everyone!

ps. i missed my 200 post anniversary a few posts back, so... HAPPY 200th POST-A-VERSARY, HELLO, MELISSA!! here's to 200 more.


Nessie said...

Every time I see your pic on another site I think to myself "I need me a pic like that."

Thanks for the heads up onthe liquar. I gave it up for a year and two weeks... This post reminds me of the joys I have given up.

beenzzz said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Kahlua! :) Love the tumbler too. I think it's tres chic to drink out of a Tom and Jerry jelly jar. I'll have to make this drink soon. Very holiday!!

Lotus Reads said...

Ooooo White Russians! Hub and friends decided to make some one time but believe it or not, we were out of milk and cream, so the booze hit them really fast and hard. It was a wild evening to say the least! :)))

Happy 200th post-a-versary and many,many more!

booklogged said...

Klassy tumbler, indeed! HaHa. I'm not a drinker so I'll have to pass on this one, but the ice cream put me in the mood for a banana split with chocolate syrup. Cheers!

Susan in Italy said...

Hey, I've got the Bailey's and the cream but no vodka. What could replace that? Whiskey, rum? Any ideas? Chilly evenings are perfect for this kind of thing.

J said...

Hard liquor and I don't get along so well, so I'll pass and drink a glass of wine in your honor. :)

Happy 200th post! Yay to more!

hellomelissa said...

nessie-- oho, i get so many comments on that photo, mostly from my parents who HATE IT. i think they'd pay for me to go to glamour shots if i'd replace it. the rebel in me keeps it posted.

beenzzz-- yes, do make it and let me know what you think!

lotus-- that sounds like a raucous party, girlfriend!

booklogged-- oh, yes, a good bowl of ice cream is an EXCELLENT substitute. i have to walk a LARGE circle around the ice cream aisle at the store to avoid purchasing and consuming large quantities of the stuff.

susan-- i am no good at substitutions, but how about just the bailey's with cream? let me know...

j-- i'm an incurable wino, too. a nice glass of cabernet is keeping me company at this very moment!

White russian addict said...

I love white russians, in fact i'm going out to find the best white russian in town tonight :-)