Tuesday, March 28, 2006

breakfast of champions

oh. hello. this is my second try at this post... the first one is forever lost and i'm afraid try two won't be as fresh and original as... say... a bowl of special k red berries!

i'm admitting to an addiction here, people! at least it's a healthy addiction unless you're an obsessive carb-counter (are there any more of those left?). special k red berries is the thing i crave at inappropriate times of day when breakfast food is entirely uncalled-for. have you ever tried it? do you feel the same??

if you haven't tried it, here's the lowdown. the lightly sweet and crunchalicious flakes that almost never get soggy in milk are interspersed with dehydrated strawberry slices that *POOF!* magically reconstitute when milk is added. it all adds up to a big bowl of berry goodness of which i cannot get enough.

on my current box (one of many many many) it claims that one can lose inches off the waist by eating it for two weeks! i'm sure this could only be accomplished by willful folks eating controlled portions of the stuff instead of the bucketfuls that i eat.

i am not a celebrity endorser for kellogg's. i just play one on the blogosphere.

t is on his way home from the beauty shop. i'm wondering if his shoulder-length, highlighted, wavy locks will still be there when he gets back. my appointment is on friday, and i'm wondering if i'll come home with any hair at all. after all the hair fuss on fussy and MIM i figured it's about time to create some of my own. i'll keep you posted. get it??! POSTED! blow me down, i crack myself up.


Mr. L said...


But don't you ever wonder what gives them a crunchaliciousness that can't be defeated by soaking in milk?? Hmm...let's NOT think about it! :)

Lotus Reads said...

I see the "K" Special all the time but I tend to bypass any food that is fat free! :) I know, I know, I'm just begging for trouble! My cereal of choice? Post's Honey Bunches of Oats or Kellogg's Muslix (any mix). Mmmmm,mmmm, good - oh, wait, that's Campbells' line, isn't it?!

Can't wait to see what you do with your crowning glory. I heard about the MIM episode, and about fussy, all I can say is that she's a brave,brave woman. My hair's my security blanket, I could never cut it so close to the scalp like that!

mary Fran said...

You have to like strawberries!! Give me raspberries............
Right now, nothing will replace my Dannon Activia. It's is the best - for reasons known only to us!!!

Take a pic of your hair if you do anything radical - can't wait. I had my hair colored today but that is about it.

Now to work!!