Wednesday, March 22, 2006

low riders

my observant husband was lying on the bed the other night perusing the latest edition of the victoria's secret catalogue while i was putting away some laundry. he pointed out to me this particular photo of the "uplift" jean, and noted that the waistlines on pants are getting higher again.

what a man.

he actually NOTICES the rise of a pair of jeans! he knows i have a love/hate relationship with low rise: the love part being that they are comfortably NOT squeezing my innards, the bad part being that while i have a very healthy weight/size/fitness level, i have stretch marks from having 2 babies and they show over the top of the jeans.

pesky old stretch marks! they ruin the fun of bikinis, too. and i absolutely love the misconceptions about them. like how i was told that enough cocoa butter during pregnancy would prevent them (nope). my favorite one was that if you do... like... a ZILLION crunches every day that they will go away (again, uh-uh). how on earth CRUNCHES are supposed to repair damaged skin is completely beyond me.

anyhow, kudos to my husband for understanding women's fashion trends and loving me... battle scars and all.


J said...

So do those jeans raise your butt up? Might have to get me some of those for my droopy butt. ;)

Good husband you got, that notices the higher waist. And I'm very thankful that the low rise is going away. I'm tired of seeing the tire on every teenaged girl around. MAN those pants are unflattering unless you're a size 0 or something!

Lotus Reads said...

Tried leaving a comment earlier but couldn't get it to publish.

Good on hubby for noticing jean trends. Personally, I'm relieved that the high waist is coming back - say hello to comfort!

Speaking of jeans, I LOVE those Levi commercials. They're not always my favorite brand but I their commercials are the best!

sruthi said...

VS makes higher up jeans look less dorky, and dare i say fashionable lol