Wednesday, March 15, 2006

it's a dog's life

poor baby jane got aggressed at doggie obedience class today! she was having such a mellow day, too-- sometimes she gets so happy and wound up she can't focus on the exercises. today she was lolling about, not very interested in the work, until they got out the agility equipment. her whole BODY perked up at the sight of the jumps, tunnels, climbs and rings. we were happily running the course when out of nowhere, at the end of a tunnel, a big dog came racing at her and attacked her! luckily they were both leashed so i was able to pull her away while the poor lady struggled with her big dog to get him off of jane.

no one was hurt, but jane didn't want to be around the other dogs or go through the tunnel again. i had her be 'friendly' with some other dogs and coaxed her through the tunnel so there wouldn't be any negative associations. such a docile baby, minding her own business. she can't help her piercing border collie stare that sometime unnerves other dogs!

i feel like a bully pushed my kid down on the playground.

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mary fran said...

Poor Jane. It's too bad. I know what you mean about a bully on the playground. I am ccurious as to what the "teachers" did about this situation. She has had some experience with Wendy though. Here's hoping she isn't "off" her agility training now.