Wednesday, March 08, 2006

march is piling up on me!

this month seems to be crunching closer and closer until it's almost taking me over! there is so much to do suddenly, and i am currently so sick with a rampaging case of bronchitis, there's nothing i can do but watch from the sidelines. it's been so long since i've had bronchitis, i forgot how much it hurts. the wind is out of my sails, and i'm hoping azithromycin with puff them back out. fast.

i got a school fundraiser dumped in my lap last night at a pta meeting i was too sick to attend. absentee fund-raiser dump-- is that fair? they discussed possible redistricting at said meeting (or so i heard) and now i have to brush up on my maps, population stats and school attendance numbers so i can go to every school board meeting from now until eternity. crazy cool way to spend my evenings!

couldn't take the dog to class today. can't breathe. makes me a little cranky.

tons of other parties, kid events, finishing taxes, and of course t's trip to l.a. is coming up. maybe i'll crawl into his carry on and revisit the land of my college education. the magical southern california. go to griffith observatory! the chinese theater! in-n-out burger! montrose! c.s.u.n! a traffic jam or two! sounds better than what's happening around here.

i think once i can breathe i'll be a little more perky, and will be able to juggle all this with my usual Forward...MARCH! attitude. it sucks to be sick and tired.

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