Thursday, March 16, 2006


just a few kid photos because i felt like it and i love my kids. absolutely no cohesive topic whatsoever. the one of h is with our easy-bake "tower of terror." for those of you parents who have had the pleasure of working with the easy-bake (it cooks using a LIGHT BULB, ok?), you understand that only one small pancake-sized cake can be made at a time. so we (meaning i) made about 10 of them and stacked them all together into what my son called the tower of terror (after the ride at disney-mgm studios).

this picture of my daughter was taken after she had stuffed about 1000 crayons in her dress pockets and was so very proud of herself.

sorry, no dog photo today.

everybody's busy and i'm home wondering what to do with myself. i'm almost done applying tick-killer to the yard, and i bought a few shrubs & trees that need to be popped into the ground. it's a good cool and sunny day for planting, so i guess i'd best get cracking.


Lotus Reads said...

Love the pictures as always, so keep 'em coming! We had the Easy Bake a few years ago and the girls would bake cookies every single day till we had them coming out of our ears! It was fun though. Not sure they baked any cakes however - or maybe they did, I just don't remember. Sooooo, question is, how many of those cakes did h eat from his "Tower of Terror"? :) Love it!

maryfran said...

Great talking to you last night.
Guess I am all caught up on your news. Bought more yarn today and took the other back. Sunshine here but the wind from Lake Mich. is really cold. Sindey Loo is not doing very well. Barfs every time he eats. Here's hoping he keeps this last tiny bit down.