Sunday, March 26, 2006

mad cow

driving home last night from my friend katy's 40th birthday bash, i saw a large black shape looming on the edge of the road. these old back country roads are riddled with deer, rabbits, fox, and the occasional bobcat, so at night it's a virtual obstacle course. my eyes were peeled... but what WAS the big black shape? as i approached i saw... it was... A COW. an escaped black cow, madly munching forbidden greens with a crazed look in it's eye. it started at the passing car, and walked into the road right in front of me. honestly.
the party was fun, saw lots of good friends and talked to lots of good company. and a party just isn't a party until somebody hurls. thankfully that someone wasn't me... although i did do a couple of jagermeister shots. blecch!
i'm about halfway through 'junebug' and all i can say is... OH MY GOD IT'S WHERE I LIVE.
tonight is the cd release party for the never's new storybook album 'antarctica.' as soon as t gets back from his motorcycle safety course, the whole family is gonna go see the show and support our friends. and yes, t IS taking a motorcycle class although he has no motorcycle. wishful thinking much?


mary fran said...

Ha!! Try to get me to believe there is a cow in the road after a couple of shots of Jagermeister??
Glad you had a great time. Just the girls?
Junebug is good??
Will Ari be home for The Never's cd release party?

Katy said...

hi!! just thought i'd pop in to visit. thanks to all my favorite people, I had the best birthday ever! turning 40 is not so fact i say "bring it on"! the surprise party you all had for me was the best. i've got such wonderful friends and an awesome husband!!

m, say "hi" to t for me (i missed him last night), and you all have fun tonight at the cd release party!!

i had fun visiting your site!
love ya!