Thursday, March 09, 2006

a dangerous precedent?

there was an article in the paper this morning talking about men's rights... as they apply to unwanted pregnancies. today is a landmark day! the national center for men has prepared a lawsuit in the us district court in michigan on behalf of matt dubay, a man who does not want parental rights AND does not want to pay child support for the daughter that he fathered with his ex girlfriend.


i understand that he felt duped by the girlfriend who claimed sterility. i understand that he never wanted children. but don't you think that if this lawsuit wins that it would set up a very dangerous system of no accountability??

hmmm. read the article at the national center for men and let me know what you think. it certainly was food for thought over coffee this morning. and yes, i'm feeling better for the most part. now i'm suffering from antibiotic side-effects, helping me to remember with unwelcome clarity why i usually abstain from them.

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J said...

There was a column in the New York Times maybe a month ago, on this very topic. About whether men should have the right to 'opt out' of parenthood, since women have that right. My husband and I got into a discussion about it, and I was SHOCKED that we didn't agree 100% on this. Not that we have to agree 100% on everything, but he's a feminist and so on. So, if my reasonable, feminist husband thought that there was at least some validity to the issue, then I figured I should do him the courtasy of thinking it through. So I did. Here's what I think. Life ain't fair. In a fair world, men would be able to opt out, as long as they were clear about it from BEFORE conception. But really, society benefits when a child has two parents, at least financially, if no other way is possible. So...sorry men, life isn't fair. If it were, women wouldn't have to be the ones to always get pregnant. Life is what it is sometimes. :)

Because of your comment on my blog (thanks!), I posted on this topic this morning. :)