Sunday, March 19, 2006

just another saturday night

i had a VERY RARE evening to myself last night with t being at WWLA and the kidlets being at a sleepover with my friend kim and her own 4 kids. as i drove home on the dark country roads, i wondered what to do with myself! i'm not used to being alone, and though i'm not prone to loneliness, i was glad for jane to keep me company. i settled on watching the rented 'dilwale dulhania le jayenge' which popped up in my recommended list at netflix. i must give a shout out to my bombay buddy for turning me on to bollywood! i'm such a sucker for melodrama. i enjoyed watching the film, but the vocal dubbing irritated me a bit. i wish they would have used 'real' voices instead. the song & dance numbers out of thin air were fabulous, but the acting outside of these left something to be desired at times. i was reminded of a favorite movie line from 'the rocketeer':
"...acting is acting like you're NOT acting. so... ACT! but don't act like you're acting."

now i can successfully tie in a reference to one of my favorite all-time places, griffith observatory, overlooking hollywood. most of you know it as the site of the pivotal scene in 'rebel without a cause,' but it was also the location at the end of 'the rocketeer.'

on the roof is where my wonderful husband proposed to me almost 13 years ago! holy toledo, am i that old??? or was i really THAT young??! it's so hard to believe. and I SAID YES which is one of the BEST words that ever came from my mouth. so so so lucky to have such a husband. wow.

j, i'm still wracking my brain over the life in music thing. maybe someday i'll get it all worked out. way difficult, and i'm impressed you figured it all out!


Lotus Reads said...

Did you watch "Dilwaale" all in one evening? :))) It is rather long isn't it? However, it remains one of my very favorite movies. And proposing to you on the roof of the Griffith Observatory? That is soooo romantic! Bet you had stars in your eyes and it wasn't only from observing the evening sky! ;)

sruthi said...

hey i've seen that movie a couple times. dorky, but if you're in the right mood, it's ok! And the songs are a classic as well. But i agree, the dubbing is annoying, and it's too too tooooo melodramatic at times.