Sunday, March 12, 2006

summer has sprung!

spring is springing up everywhere around here, it always comes on so fast, like an ambush. most of us are still waiting for a proper winter, so the blooms are surprising. these photos are of the purple plum in our front yard and it smells heavenly. i can't show much of any other kind of blooming happening in our yard. jane "the destructo-puppy" has pretty well made sure that the already lame beds we had planted around the house are now just muddy holes where shrubs USED to be, and ripped, torn and dragged landscape fabric with remnants of mulch trailed alongside. but we love her ANYWAY!

it's not even officially spring yet, but this past week has been downright summer-y. i'm not complaining. today's forecast is 83 and sunny! the air just smells different, and the kids outside in bare feet is such a treat. however, we all have been dragging in the ticks, so drastic measures will need to be taken on that front. the beginning of tick season is always such a bummer. the dog & cats need frontline; we humans need 'off'. it's a hazard of living in the woodsy country, and i guess it's a price we're willing to pay. it's days like this that make me feel so genuinely grateful to live RIGHT where we live. and isn't THAT a good feeling??


J said...

You must live on the East Coast, Melissa! It's COLD and wet here in 'sunny California'. :) Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Lotus Reads said...

We Ontarians had a wonderfully warm weekend, too, but the weather forecast has snow showers for Tuesday. Guess that's good news for the March Break skiers.

I love the plum tree -how pretty the blossoms are! Enjoy!

sruthi said...

so it WAS nice here for one day this weekend. and this morning, it was 62 when i came to work! but then sure enough, two hours later the temperatures started plummetting again, and it's going to snow tonight! hahah.

also, are you still reading life of pi? have you gotten to the section of the book entitled 'the pacific ocean'? That was the time i first started doubting the book. Maybe if I go back and read it in a couple years I'll see things differently...but the beginning of the book sounded promising to me too.

mary fran said...

Tues. morn and the temp is 30. Snow flurries and wind like crazy. I do envy your warm weather, but it was really nice here on sat. and sun. am painting the sewing room while I still have sunshine. The natural light makes it much easier. As soon as the leaves are on the trees it will be too hard to see. Give the kids a hug from us.