Tuesday, March 21, 2006


"Check the guy in the lower left......... that's Bill Gates. Paul Allen, the owner of the Seattle Seahawks with a net worth around $20 billion is on the far right, lower corner!!!"

..this was in my inbox this morning, and i thought it was worth sharing. considering MOST people looked like this in 1978, i'm sure they got plenty of investors. thank god i was 5 in 1978! i don't have any photos of myself looking like this. but let's not even TALK about the 80's. i even had a bi-level harcut, complete with poodle bangs.

must... destroy... photographic... evidence...


Lotus Reads said...

My daughter watches "That'70's Show" every now and again and we all get such a laugh out of the clothes and hairstyles, but fashion-wise, the 80's were far worse! Ugh!

Pony Storm's Ride said...

When I was in college in the late '60's my poet buddies and I were going to set the literary world on fire with blazing verse. There were a few Bill Gates-like misfits on campus. Naturally, when we were not paying any attention to them (which was most of the time)we made fun of them. Final score: computer science guys-Billions, hot-shot poets-zero.

"That 70's Show" is so funny and well-executed that the laugh-track doesn't even bother this old geezer.
Can't say the same for most so-called TV comedies.