Thursday, March 09, 2006

son story

i promised no kid stuff for 3 posts and i was as good as my word.

h wants to post on my blog (i say, get your own, kid! after all, you're almost 7 and a HALF! isn't it about time???!). but here he is with his story until then.

The town in the Clouds. One day S- was fling on a glider.But.............she acsidently crashed into a mountan above the clouds.But then........she heard a was coming from the top of the clouds.It was some kind of walking and talking sound. So.............S- climed to the top of the clouds.When S- reached the top she was in a little oompaloompa town.then the cheef said will you eat some coco nuts with us.Then S- said yes and that was The End.

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Lotus Reads said...


Sign me up for h's blog, please, when he consents to get one of his own. Until then I will eagerly await his next story on the hello,melissa blog! ;)