Monday, March 27, 2006

the never's cd release party!

my honey (left) with ari (right)

"The Never has just released their fourth album called ANTARCTICA. It's a storybook album: a full length CD literally coupled with a fully illustrated storybook by Noah Smith! The story is centered around a young, naive, boy named Paul and his journey to find the owner of a large grey object he found behind his home in the country. Antarctica is a plea for everyone young and old to remember the simple things of childhood. The book also serves as a reminder to appreciate the world and the beauty it has to offer."
okay, there's my plug for the band, the album, the guys. if i knew how to put an audio clip on this blog, then there might be one. but since i don't, if you'd like to listen, you'll have to go to their website.
the show was really really well done, they had lots of "support" musicians playing violin, banjo, cello, and other various instruments. the images from the book were projected in time to the songs. very cool and the kids loved it. i'm just sitting back waiting for them to be "discovered"... they are all so very talented.
got to talk to loads of interesting people at the reception-- the band, their families, their friends. so many people came back from their respective schools and colleges to support the show, and it was great to see all of them.
and what would a fun and relaxing night BE without a healthy dose of chatham politics??? i wanted to pick the brains of johnny and joah's older brother ken and his wife debbie as i know that they are fellow concerned chathamites but have been involved for far longer than i have. they introduced me to another woman and before the night was over i had taken over the duties of canvassing my neighborhood for the upcoming election and was a bumper-sticker-toting activist. i am so unpolitical it's not funny. but everyone must do what they can when the issues affect us directly, right? .......RIGHT?? or am i just crazy?


Lotus Reads said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to the launch! Thank you for the great review, I can't wait to listen to their album and the storybook concept is way cool! I will hurry to the website just as soon as I push the "publish" button on this comment. Any chance of them doing any shows in Toronto? I know N., being the big fan she is, will rally her whole school to attend.

My hat is off to all community activisits - it's not an easy job. Good on you for taking the time and effort to make a difference to your community. Good luck and hope your candidate wins the election!

That's nice rock-star-looking T.! ;)

Mr. L said...

I've just bought the CD, based on your recommendation and the disjointed sample I was able to hear using my crap dialup connection. Always up for new music...and I like Antarctica (the continent), even if it does smell like penguin dung!!! :)

Susan in Italy said...

The Never! These guys are great! I just heard clips of them from Lotus' post. Thanks!